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Albany Chapter H


Gold Wing Road Riders Association

Region A Georgia


Chapter Director

Bill and Betty Livingston



















Welcome to Georgia Chapter H

We enjoy riding together and having a good time.  Look for us at your events.  We meet on the 4th Thursday of each month.  Our monthly meeting is this Thursday. We are going to a new location to see if they can meet our needs for having our monthly meeting. We will be meeting at JABS located at 1111 Dawson Road (formerly Texas Star). It is located next to Wendy’s at the intersection of Slappey Drive and Dawson Road. It is a order from the menu restaurant so you will be able to select your meal.  I have attached the menu for your convenience. They have a limited salad bar. The prices are reasonable and the drink is free. We will eat at 6:00 and begin the fun at 7:00. We hope to see you there. Lullabies legends and lies in the parking lot afterwards!!!

The Next Chapter H meeting will be held on June 28th  2018.  July meeting will be on Jul 26th 2018.


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is dedicated to all who have, do, or will ride a Gold Wing!!


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